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About US

Ecoemissions Xchange (EEX) is a versatile organization with business interests in processing & supplying of Agro Products & Chemicals, Ferrous & Non Ferrous metals, Hazardous Waste manufacturing and Agro Oil processing & manufacturing.
Contrary to popular belief, Emissions is not just pollution from the Green House Gases. Any release or output (good or bad) arising from our ecosystem can be considered as emission. We consider the entire world as an Ecosystem of innumerable resources. We work as an Exchange that provides innovative solutions from our natural ecosystem to the entire world.



CleanOspill Super Absorbent

CleanOSpill is the fastest & most effective Absorbent in the world. At least 10 times more effective than any other chemical absorbent available. The world’s best odour-free, non–leaching, non-toxic, non-flammable absorbent. Specially engineered from Rice Husk with no hazardous chemicals.


  • CleanOSpill is engineered from Rice Husk Ash (RHA) and hence, its 100% natural with no chemicals. CleanOSpill has high absorption

  • It absorbs 15-20 times more than clay.
  • It is light-weighted and easy to handle.
  • Auto Repair Industry (dealers, brake, repair, transmission, radiator, muffler, paint and body shops, etc.), Construction Firms, Fire Departments, Haz Mat ...

  • Products to Clean Spill on Land and in Water
  • Premium Quality with Best Price in Industry


EEX provides the most efficient and effective absorbent products
CleanOSpill super absorbent is the most effective way to handle spill cleanup and absorbs oil, chemicals and water. This spill containment product helps in keeping the work environment safe. EEX provides the most efficient and effective absorbent products available.
EEX’s absorbents are manufactured from the Rice Husk Ash (RHA). The ash is 92 to 95 percent silica, highly po- rous and lightweight. RHA has high absorption capacity and can successfully be used as an effective absorbent to cleanup of bilge water and spills of oil and oil products in water basins. It results in smoother, tighter finish with typically greater tensile for increased toughness. This absorbent is an environment-friendly and economical product

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