CleanOSpill is engineered from Rice Husk Ash (RHA) and hence, its 100% natural with no chemicals. CleanOSpill has high absorption capacity and can successfully be used as an effective absorbent to cleanup of bilge water and spills of oil and oil products in water basins.

It results in smoother, tighter finish with typically greater tensile for increased toughness. This absorbent is an environment-friendly and economical product.

Why ‘CleanOSpill’?

  • It absorbs 15-20 times more than clay.
  • It is made from 100% non-toxic organic plant material called RHA.
  • It has predominantly larger pores allowing for larger molecules to be absorbed..
  • It is a non-caking, non-leaching material..
  • It is light-weighted and easy to handle..
  • It has no odorous fumes or annoying scents..
  • It requires less absorbent to capture a spill which results in reduced disposal cost..

Who uses ‘CleanOSpill’?

  • Air Force Bases, Aircraft Manufacturers, Airlines and Airports.
  • Auto Repair Industry (dealers, brake, repair, transmission, radiator, muffler, paint and body shops, etc.), Construction Firms, Fire Departments, Haz Mat (hazardous material) response teams and HazMat handlers.
  • Gas Stations, Hospitals and other health care facilities, Hotels, Machine Shops, Manufacturing (factories) of all sorts (auto, aircraft, chemical engine, ink, heavy equipment, paint, etc.)
  • Mining Facilities, Naval Bases, Oil Reclaimers, Petrochemical Industry (refineries, pipelines, storage facilities, tankers), Ship Builders and Repair Facilities,
  • Transportation (airports, railways, bus lines, shipping lines, trucking companies), Utilities (nuclear/hydro-electric plants), Vehicle Maintenance Facilities.
  • Resorts, Restaurants, Apartment Complexes and Government Facilities.


  • Products to Clean Spill on Land and in Water
  • Premium Quality with Best Price in Industry
  • Delivery: Immediate, Products Readily Available
  • One-Stop solution for all kind of Spills.